Modell V14

Modell  V14

Artificial Intelligence Technologies


Model  V14

Olive Color Sorter


This machine has been designed for fresh and brined table olive color sorting. It’s manufactured with the new technology camera and sorting software. And provides you very easy controle and economic fast solutions.


Technical Data :

Type Olive Color Sorter
Model V14
Capacity 2500-3000 kg/h
Power 0,37 kw
Belt Channels 14 unit channel belt
Valves 14 unit Festo valves
Exits 2 exit
PC Processor 24 channel data processor
Quality AISI 304 stainless steel
Color Parameters 0-100 sensetive color parameters 
Belt Width (mm) 500
Machine Measures (mm) 842x2356x1513
Laoding Elevator Measures (mm) 900x2056x1760
Electric 220 V / 50 hz
Weight 340 kg


Notice : 

Suitable for FDA norms

Easy PC controle systems

Remote Technical support advantages with Internet Connection

1 year warranty for manufacture faults

Easy to supply all spare parts in local


Customer must have similer as;

Air Compressor :

*300 lt air tank capacity Compressor

*8-10 bar

*3 phase

*3 kw - 4 hp motor power

*with Air drier

Modell V14

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